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Gear Box Repair and Sales:


VariDrives, speed increasers, speed reducers, clutches and any other speed-changing device is no problem for us. Many of these devices have been replaced with variable frequency drives, but there are still many in operation. That’s why we offer a complete array of mechanical gearbox and speed changing repair services. If you are looking for a better way to achieve variable speed, call us about our Variable Frequency Drive sales, service, application, installation and start-up capabilities.

Pump Repair and Sales:


We provide repair and service for most types of pumps. From simple seal and bearing replacement to extensive shaft machining, wear ring and impeller repairs. One of our specialties is repairing submersible and sump pumps. We also offers application, installation, start-up and service of variable frequency drives on any pump application.

Full Service Machine Shop:


We have a well-equipped machine shop with the capability to weld, metalize, and machine a shaft, end bell, bearing housing or cut a new keyway to expedite the complete repair process. If a shaft is more economical to replace, we can utilize our vertical press to remove and replace the shaft. Complete new shafts are machined from like alloys. We also have capabilities for many other mechanical modifications and repairs.

Where to Find Us:

Capitol Electric Motor Repair
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